“After my divorce, I realized I needed to make some changes before I would be ready to date again and find a partner that was right for me. Laura was not only instrumental in helping me make those changes, she is supportive and genuinely cared about helping me make the changes I needed to make. Now, after Laura’s 6 month program, I am happy with who I am and ready to put myself out there and find the partner that I want.”

~ Doris


“You have so much insight and wisdom to share. I highly recommend your coaching as it’s helped me immensely with navigating relationships in a healthy way. I’ve seen a dramatic improvement in the results of my love life. Thank you”

~ Rosanna


“When I started working with Laura I honestly felt quite hopeless.  I felt my relationship was at a breaking point, and thought ‘what good is counselling if my partner won’t go with me?’

Working with Laura as a coach served me far better than previous counselling experiences because she helped me see that there was a LOT I could do on my own to shift my mindset, open up my perspective on my relationship, and finally address some long standing limiting beliefs and habit that, I now understand, were toxic to my mindset and thus my relationship.

Harmony in any relationship is of course a two-way street but knowing that there are things I can work on by myself helped me to feel empowered and significantly more optimistic for my future.

Laura’s questions were 100% on target and allowed me to open up and see the ‘blind spots’ in my own behaviours, and make small sustainable changes in how I communicate in my relationship, set boundaries and express what I really want.”

~ Laura M.