“After my divorce, I realized I needed to make some changes before I would be ready to date again and find a partner that was right for me. Laura was not only instrumental in helping me make those changes, she is supportive and genuinely cared about helping me make the changes I needed to make. Now, after Laura’s 6 month program, I am happy with who I am and ready to put myself out there and find the partner that I want.”

~ Doris


“You have so much insight and wisdom to share. I highly recommend your coaching as it’s helped me immensely with navigating relationships in a healthy way. I’ve seen a dramatic improvement in the results of my love life. Thank you”

~ Rosanna


“When I started working with Laura I honestly felt quite hopeless.  I felt my relationship was at a breaking point, and thought ‘what good is counselling if my partner won’t go with me?’

Working with Laura as a coach served me far better than previous counselling experiences because she helped me see that there was a LOT I could do on my own to shift my mindset, open up my perspective on my relationship, and finally address some long standing limiting beliefs and habit that, I now understand, were toxic to my mindset and thus my relationship.

Harmony in any relationship is of course a two-way street but knowing that there are things I can work on by myself helped me to feel empowered and significantly more optimistic for my future.

Laura’s questions were 100% on target and allowed me to open up and see the ‘blind spots’ in my own behaviours, and make small sustainable changes in how I communicate in my relationship, set boundaries and express what I really want.”

~ Laura M.


“When I met Laura I had no idea what she did, but I liked her energy. I started following
some of her posts and really liked what she had to say so I asked for her blog page. I had no
idea she was a Love Coach or what a Love Coach was. She offered me a free consultation and
during the whole call I kept thinking, wow sounds great but not for me.

That night I was lead to open a journal I hadn’t written in for 11 years, I was literally dumbfound that 11 years had gone by and I was still struggling with my self worth and the ability to love myself. That was the decision I needed to decide to work with her.

When we started on this journey it was solely with the intent to learn to love myself. Laura
was always present (I can’t say I was) kind, honest and authentic. During our time together she
helped to shine light in areas of my life where I couldn’t see, some sessions were definitely
more comfortable than others, but she always approached everything with grace and

She brings with her a wealth of information, compassion and passion for what she
does. Being able to find my self worth and love has spilled over into every other relationship in
my life, with my kid, friends, family and opened my heart to the possibility of love in my life.

strongly recommend if you get the chance to work with this incredible lady that you don’t pass it
by; it has enriched my life immensely.”