About Me

I Am Ready To Move OnHi! I’m Laura and I’m so happy you have found me. I truly believe we meet people for a reason so if you are here it’s not by accident.

I haven’t always lived by this philosophy but my life has taken many unexpected paths and I’ve learned to trust the journey.

I grew up in a smallish town with my Mom and little sister. We were the 3 Musketeers, sometimes by choice, and other times because we had to be. Our family experienced a loss that I know many others have experienced but due to the stigma around the subject they aren’t comfortable talking about openly.

At the age of three my father died by suicide and it left us all completely shocked as it does for many other families. He was 31 years old and none of us were prepared for how to move forward.

This experience changed the entire dynamic for my Mom, my Sister and I, as you may imagine, and I grew up with poor examples of what a healthy romantic relationship looked like.

I suffered from very low self-esteem as a teenager and well into my 20’s. My love and dating life was awful to say the least. The death of my father caused a large mistrust in men for me and created a huge pattern of rejection and abandonment issues.

There were many years where I longed for a committed relationship from a man only to face rejection and frustration. It seemed as though I was never interested in the nice guys and I only felt chemistry for men who had extreme fears of commitment and no plans on getting married, at least to me.

Later I would learn that the issues in relationships I had were called Attachment Issues and learning about them helped me feel less broken.

Anxiety, depression and thoughts of my own suicide also plagued me during my 20’s and I felt completely lost, heartbroken, sad and confused often.

I was on a dark path, but something unexpected turned things around for me when I was 27 years old. It was when my boyfriend at the time broke up with me. We were living together and the breakup was unexpected for me. So unexpected, in fact, that it jolted me out of the mental fog I had been in and forced me to wake up and look at the life I was living at the time.

I had been focusing on finding love through someone else my entire life but this break up changed the way I looked at love. I realized that I could not count on the love from someone else. This break up proved to me that if I was to rely on love from other people, it could be taken away at any second.

I began a journey to find love for myself, within my own heart so that I didn’t need it from anyone else. This lead me on an incredible adventure of inner healing and the result was that I now have the relationships I’ve always dreamed of.

I enrolled in at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a health coach and upon graduation I realized that what I really wanted to share with others was how to get their relationships healthy. The other areas of their lives would soon follow.

I then took my Yin Yoga teacher training to learn how to integrate the physical and emotional healing together. Yoga is an extremely powerful tool in emotional healing and I am proud to help others heal their bodies as well as their hearts.

My hope for you is that by reading my story, you are encouraged to start your own journey and to live life with an acceptance of yourself that you have not yet had.

This self-acceptance and self-love is what will lead you to the intimate, connected, real relationships you are after. It takes courage to have the type of relationships you want and deserve and it all starts with you.

Thank you so much for being here!

XO Laura


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